New Upright MRI Technology Increases Diagnostic Capabilities

The new and improved Upright MRI Scanner from Upright MRI Deerfield is changing the way patients and medical professionals feel about MRI scanning the new innovative equipment they use is exceptionally high tec and seen by many in the industry as the way forward in the scanning process and technology.

The new Upright Weight Bearing MRI Scanner of Deerfield is the latest upgrade to the initial MRI scanner brought to market in 1996. The scanners help to diagnose patients with head and neck injuries or ailments much faster than ever before.

The CEO of Upright MRI of Deerfield, Dr. Michael Fox, states, “Our new model with state-of-the-art upgrades in magnetization and coding presents medical professionals with a way to accurately diagnose symptoms of CCJ and Chiari Malformation without the stress caused to the patient.”

How Does the Upright MRI Scanner Work?

Rather than the traditional MRI scanner which required patients to lay down in a tunnel, the Upright MRI Scanner has the patient sitting in a chair, with the scanner fixed around them. This change means that the strain on the back, neck and head are similar to a natural standing position. It helps to highlight the areas of pain and pinpoint where the issues have begun.

The traditional tunnel scanners removed any strain from the shoulders and back, meaning it was previously very difficult to diagnose certain issues, leaving the doctors confused about where the issue stemmed from.

Relieving Stress and Anxiety

Dr. Fox also mentions that the scanners help patients for other reasons too; “No patient wants to go through a long, laborious diagnosis process. The fact that there is any illness at all is stressful enough. Some patients may even be unable to get into a tunnel scanner due to disabilities, while others are claustrophobic and feel uneasy about getting into a tunnel. This stress can cause muscles to tense up too, meaning it’s even more difficult for a doctor to determine where the issue is coming from, occasionally leading to misdiagnosis, or no diagnosis at all.

These upright scanners help the patient to feel more in control and not as closed in as they would have previously, giving a more accurate reading in regard to muscle tension and removing some of the fear from the appointment process.”

What Does the Upright Scanner Diagnose?

Medical professionals are thrilled to have the brand-new, innovative Upright Weight Bearing MRI Scanner in their surgeries, as it has helped massively with diagnosing issues specifically relating to pressure or pain around the neck, head and shoulders.

What is CCJ?

Cranio-cervical Joint Instability is a condition caused by the ligaments in the neck slackening or becoming stretched. This means that the head is not properly supported which could cause fainting, dizziness or even more dangerous issues.

This is normally caused by some form of accident or trauma but can also be the result of a congenital issue such as Ehler-Danlos Syndrome.

What is Chiari Malformation?

CM is a condition where the brain exits the skull through a natural hole at the back and begins to fuse to the spinal canal. This can cause pain, dizziness and eventually, lack of movement in the head, neck and shoulders.

Physicians have stated that the rate of diagnosis for these issues has increased massively, just because they are able to see exactly where the areas of strain are immediate, speeding up the treatment process for that patients too.

Upright MRI of Deerfield

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